Martin manufactures heavy duty Idlers and components that exceed CEMA standards. Heavy duty construction and triple labyrinth seals allow for trouble-free part life in the harshest of applications. With Idlers available when and where you need them, Martin can provide the complete solution for your belt conveyor needs.

Equal Troughing Idlers are designed to support the belt and transport material on the carrying side of the belt. Troughing idlers typically consist of 3 rollers with wing rolls at 20, 35 or 45 degree inclinations. Martin Idlers are designed to meet or exceed all Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) load standards.

Unequal Troughing Idlers (Picking) are used due to their lower profile design. Typically consist of one long roll in the center and two short inclined wing rollers. This design lays out the material and allows for easy sorting and separation. Unequal Troughing Idlers (Picking) are available with steel or impact rollers.

Self-Aligning Idlers are used to assist with belts that may be misaligned due to environmental conditions. Self-Aligning idlers pivot and attempt to guide the belt back into the center of the troughing idlers. Self-Aligning Idlers can be troughing, return or flat carrying.

Impact Troughing Idlers are located at loading and transfer points. The rollers are equipped with rubber discs that cushion the impact and reduce costly belt damage. Impact idler frames are reinforced to reduce bending and withstand heavy material loads.

Steel Return Idlers are used to support the belt on the return side when the conveyed material is not sticky, corrosive or excessively abrasive. These rollers are available with a variety of coatings suitable for the specific application.

Live Shaft Idlers are provided with pillow block bearings. They are typically used in feeder applications or with higher belt tensions not suitable for conventional flat rollers with internal bearings. Live Shaft Idlers are available in impact, spaced rubber disc and steel configurations.

Return Rubber Disc Idlers support belts on the return side when conveying sticky or abrasive materials. The rubber discs flex and offer relief to avoid material build-up caused by excessive carryback. Rollers have flat massed rubber ends to offer support if a belt mistracks from center.

Flat Carrier Idlers are used with flat belts where a trough is not required to contain material. They are used for picking, sorting, feeding or plowing material from the belt. Flat Carrier Idlers are available with Rubber Discs or as Steel Idler Rolls. 

Channel Inset Troughing Idlers mount down inside a channel frame or vertical mounting surface and bolt horizontally. The low profile design is often used on portable equipment where reducing height is critical. Channel Inset Troughing Idlers are available in steel and impact designs.

Replacement Idler Rolls are available for CEMA C, D and E Rolls. 

Martin offers a solution to your Idler Frame corrosion. Hot dip galvanizing your Idler Frames is an option that can extend the life of your Idler Frames in highly corrosive applications saving you critical downtime and money. Now Stocking for Quick Delivery CEMA C/D Galvanized Frames in Standard Sizes for 24" - 42" Belt Width. Contact us today for a quote.  

Impact Beds are engineered to provide protection to your conveyor belt due to impact damage from bulk materials being loaded onto the belt. Loading damage to the belt could affect the continuous running of your conveyor. Impact Beds are engineered to provide impact protection and to reduce spillage in the conveyor loading zone. 
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